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बाढ़ पीड़ितों को मदत

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महामारी में काम न मिलने पर जरुरतमंदो को मदत

Regular tirth yatra trips to surrounding tirths of Pune or any Siddha / AtishayKshetra

Jain Sangh Pune (JSP) is trying to connect us with each other, and doing many activities to bring us together and to make our dreams come true. In those initiatives, JSP had started Samuhik Yatra to connect us with our people/community/samaj in Pune.

Recent successful Yatras in last 3 years:

  • Kunthalgiri (35 people- 2days)
  • Girnarji (10 days- 90 people) +( 4 day -76 people)
  • Shikharji (10 days – 170 ppl)
  • Ashthapad (10 days- 90 people)
  • Karnartaka (10 days -45 people)
  • Dahigaon –( 1day -200 people)
  • Ainapur –ebrhimpur (1.5day – 60 people)

Upcoming Yatra :

on 21st Sep 2014 – one day yatra for guphamandirNandgairi.

Some Teerthyatara Plans nearby Pune:

  • 2 Days Plan - Mangitungi – Gajpantha Siddha Kshtra Plan
    Leave on Saturday morning from Shivaji Nagar Bus Stop – Nasik by Aasiyad Try to catch 6-6.30 bus, so u will reach Nasik by 11.30. Go to Mahasrun, around 8 KM from Nasik It is our SiddhkeshtraGajpantha. Pahad pe ja kar aao. It is small hill so u can do darshan in 2 hours. Come by 2 PM to Dharamashala Have lunch there
    There is direct Bus from Nasik to Mangi-tungi, which leave Nasik at 4PM. So catch that bus..and u will reach Mangi-tungi at 8PM. Rest thr
    Morning me Pahad par jao..It is big one..Thodabadahai..So leave around 5AM. By 10 u wil be back..
    Have lunch and leave from thr by 1 U wil reach Nasik by 4..
    Take Bus for Pune
  • 1 Day plan – Faltan – Dahigao
    Faltan is around 2 hrs from Pune..
    Swargate se Bus miltihai…for Faltan..
    U will Reach thr in 2 hours..
    Faltan me 5-6 mandir hai sabke darshan karo..
    Then go to Natepute from Faltan..
    Natepute to is around 10-12 KM…
    Natepute se walchandnagarki bus Dahigaojatihai..
    Den back to pune from Natepute..
    Iss route me kahi par make ur own arrangements
  • 2 Days plan – Paithan – Kachner - Jatwara – Ellore
    Gadi se janahoga as all are near aurngabad
  • 2 Days plan – Kumbhoj around
    1 day at kumbhoj Next day u can darshan of, Udgao, Dharmanagar, Sajni, Nanadee