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Jainism is having very ancient and precious heritage in forms of temples, shastras etc. JSP Jeernodhar team is spreading the awareness and contributing to save these heritages so our coming generation also able to see this prosperous Jain History.

  • Save Old Temples: Some Teerth Kshetra are in very bad conditions and immediately required renovation, there are various temples which are thousand years old and may fall any day, our aim is to provide any kind of help for these temples and save our teertha.
  • Spread awareness of these old teerths by sending an informative email of these kshetra and also visiting there on a regular basis by organizing yatras, so slowly these places will be visited by large no of people and more people will come ahead to save this temples.

Current Activity:

1. Working with ‘Jain Heritage Centre, Madurai ‘to put Jain Mandir Direction board on main roads in Tamilnadu so everybody can reach easily to mandirji. Please find the below a sign board like trilok sign -



2. AinaPurMandirJi (Maharastra) kaJeernodhar. For more information write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Faces covered in clothes, brooms, shovels in hands, glow on their faces, nobody have time to talk. Nothing is as pleasant as cleaning a Jina temple (that too almost destroyed)...And our people did it from their heart (u can have a feel by looking at the snaps).

This time to save Ainapur temple(Aenapur, situated in very small village, in Taluka - Gadhinglaj, Dist - Kolhapur, built in 12 or 13th century), we had planned a trip from Pune and believe me ppl have given their everything - Tan, man aurdhan se jitnahua, logo ne kiya..




3. Visited Bhadarkar Institute to find out the Old Jain Pandulipiya and shastras. Prepared a Jain Shatsras list and now working to find if any shatraji is not printed yet in this list and an unhidden treasure for Jain Community.