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In Big City like Pune the Jain Mandir are Very Few. Normally a Jain Person goes daily Mandirji for Jin Darshan but due to unavailability of Mandirji in city mostly nearby office places was a big problem.

Construction of Jain Sangh Pune (JSP)'s four Jain Housing Projects Gyanoday 1&Gyanoday 2 at Sus Road, Near Balewadi and Veeroday 1&Veeroday 2 at Kharadi is at speed and upon completion and after possession we will establish Digamber Jain Temple/Chaityala inside the Campuses with help of whole Jain Samaj.So Pune jainsamaj will have few more jainmandir/chaitlayaji for Jin darashan.

  • In 2012, JSP had established Jin-Chaityalay at Kharadi, near Veeroday 1 Society with help of nearby Jain families till Veeroday 1 is completed so that Jain Families staying near by area can have darshan and they are connected with us in advance before establishing Jain Mandirs in Veeroday Campuses. Jain Samaj staying at Nagar Road & Solapur Road are getting so much dharmlabh from Chaityalay and taking labh of daily jinDarshan, Abhishek and Poojan.
  • We have planned to establish Jin-Chaityalay at Sus Road nearly/before Gyanoday 2 possession. All our steps/initiatives are for the benefit of our Samaj and for the Jain DhramPrabhvna, and with everyone's contribution/support we can do many other activities in Pune in the banner of JSP which are needed by our Samaj.
  • We have got a chance to help ChinchwadDigamber Jain mandir trust as well during land purchase for mandirji in Chinchwad.
  • Write-up on our Kharadi Jin-Chaityalay and VeerodaySociety has been published in Prabhat Daily News Paper. Screen shot of the article is attached here.

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