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What’s the count of Jain to be precise true Jain (truly want to follow Jainism), in any big city/metro? Don’t be surprised with the number you have but actual figure will be low as you can think! Strength much hard to meet/greet & to help each other to know basic but important information about the city( like where is the Temple, Jain food available, Jain hostel, any muni sangh in the city). And group where you feel a push/encouragement to take few more steps towards Jainism.

Thought in mind of millions but came out with few termed as Jain Sangh Pune (JSP). Yes, the problems discussed earlier are reduced to an extent now in Pune with the help of JSP. This is a non-profitable group with sacred motive – all the members with single agenda, keen to help you in maintaining all your rituals (niyam/dharam) in places where you generally feel lost in term of facility required to perform religious need and you really amazed to have that.


It’s really not much required to be part of this organization & once you are in, will be updated with all small/big occasion in Jain calendar like Asthami, Chaturdashi, Paryushan, Ashtanhika, MahaveerJayanti as and the events happenings in india/overseas. We as JSP member conduct samuhikPujan, Bhajan,Bhakti @ Jain temple. Such activities bring more and more people as a part of the group and connect more towards similar kind of activities. This shows the entire purpose of this group which is utmost priority of JSP!!

We do organize religious trip which include Attishay/ Siddha Kshetra and we never miss to visit the place where we have Veetragi Jain muni sangh (Guru) to take their blessings which is required in each step of our life.

Jainsim is having very ancient and precious heritage in forms of temples, shastras etc. JSP Jeernodhar team is spreading the awareness and contributing to save these heritages so our coming generation also able to see this prosperous Jain History. Apart from these efforts/activities we also had a dream to share a common space (roof) with all the members having single agenda to follow Jainism. Where we have temple, Saint nivas, Well (Kua) and a society where all the members will be Jain (worth the thought & action) and to create entire environment of a Dream Jain Housing Society.

So far what you are waiting for, come and join us and be a part of JSP. It’s simple but true ‘Jud KarDekho, Achchalagtahai”.