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Initially Jain Sangh Pune (JSP) was established by few youngsters on the day of MahaveerJayanti (Apr-11) in the year 2007 at Manikbaug, Sinhgad Road temple.

The main motto behind this group was to help all the Jains staying/coming in Pune to help them in following Jainism, to provide any kind of help and to bring all Jains under one roof. Also Organize TeerthYatras for teerths near pune.

Later with more objectives it is established as a registered trust in Aug 2012.

JAIN SANGH PUNE (JSP) is a registered trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 with registration number (E - 6048/PUNE) under section E, dated August 17, 2012.

The Postal Address of JSP Trust is

Row House 6, Clover Crescent Society, Near Zircon Society, VimanNagar, Pune-411014

Email id isThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jain Sangh Pune (JSP) Is Established For Achieving These Goals

  • To provide, acquire, construct, have and hold a modern Jaintemple,GauShalas, meditation hall, multipurpose hall/s, monkaccommodation/s, and other Jain cultural activities in metro cities.
  • To Save and spread awareness about prosperous Jainism and Old Jain heritage like Ancient Jain Temples, Jain Spiritual books, Jain monuments etc.
  • To Promote Non-Violence and Jeevdaya, work with whole Jain Samaj to save innocent animals from killing and provide proper arrangements for their living.
  • To provide for, establish, settle, set out or promote any culturalactivities, seminars, discussion, debates, and gatherings, shows etcetera with preference being given to Jains, Jain culture and thoughts.
  • To promote and provide support for establishing training centers and facilities, school, colleges, hostels, medical care centers andfacilities, health care facilities and complex, re-creation centerand facilities for education and such other, with preference beinggiven to Jains.
  • To provide for, establish, settle, set out or promotefellowships/scholarships to such selected students which willfacilitate their stay abroad and assist them financially, withpreference being given to Jains.

Where do we stand in Pune?

  • Jain Sangh Pune (JSP) has reached almost all the corners of Pune.
  • We have been known by maximum Jains staying in Pune, by name JSP.
  • We are currently in touch with around 5000+ members in Pune